Triad Earrings


A journey of new beginnings imbued with the spirit of marble. Enduring strength and alluring beauty, in the heart of this unique charm jewelry. Fine marble jewelry for the most special occasions in life and for the pleasure of everyday.


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Symbol of wealth, abundance and good fortune, the triad earrings resembles the S ancient Chinese coins that enhance the good energy in one’s life and provide protection and prosperity. The two sides of the coins represent the yin and yang, while the marble element in the middle provides strength and stability, binding them all together. In a group of three, tied closely together in a “string of cash”, they become a magnet for good luck and abundance. The triad stands for heaven, earth and mankind, empowering the bearer with the positive energy of “Qi”. The intricate details of the oxidized or gold-plated silver bring out the raw strength of the metal and the polished white marble reflects the softness & flow. Body & spirit in perfect harmony and in an open dialogue with the universe. The necklace, a tribute to minimalism, becomes the foreword of the New Year and the testimonial of the future to come.


Silver 925 Black, 24k Gold Plated