Passed on from one generation to the next, Marble Art Galeos, located in Santorini, has been forged over time, with the artistic personality of its current designer & owner, Christos Galeos, carrying the spirit of the company into the future. Enter a new era of jewelry design and discover our handcrafted marble jewelry collections.

Beyond Time & Origin

In the core of our inspiration lies the marble, omnipresent since Ancient times, formed by heat and pressure in earth’s crust, naturally mined all over Greece. Polychromatic and lustrous, with minerals forming its signature color variety. Combined with our expertise in modern & traditional carving, the emphasis lies in creativity & light design.

Metamorphisms of Marble

Premium quality marble, flawless attention to detail, & precision craftsmanship

Our Story

Passed on from one generation to the next, since the initial workshop was founded in Santorini, Marble Art Galeos has evolved through the years, continuously growing and transforming into a pioneer in marble design & carving techniques.

With studies in Styling & Fashion Design, and apprenticing in one of the most old & skilled artisans of Santorini, Christos Galeos paved the way for an innovative approach to jewelry design.

Solid foundations and passion for contemporary design is expressed through the limited jewelry collections, creating a new culture of artisanal perfection for the sophisticated man and woman.

The inspiration behind every piece of jewelry is the emotion it can create, embracing the minimal design, creating at the same time a unique artistic experience.

Like the human essence which is full of imperfections, remaining still authentic thus precious, we consider returning to basics, with a valued element like marble, the starting point to elevate the style while creating versatile jewelry of the highest quality.

With history and present inherently merged at the Marble Art Galeos workshop, we continue the legacy and core values of our father, to bringing you only the best jewelry, ensuring and overseeing every step of the process, from the design to polishing our jewelry. Our commitment to our craft is our signature.