A marble-lous story

“Christos and Panayiotis Galaios are two brothers who, above all, united by their passion for fine art and creation. Growing up in a family tradition of marble, they decided to explore their artistic concerns through the greatest challenge in the jewellery industry: handcrafted marble jewellery. Utilizing together their forces, they bring to light a series of unique marble jewels one-time carved in detail, inspiration and high aesthetic to enchant every personal look. Timeless marble jewels dressed up in different colour combinations harmonically match with metal or leather in minimal earrings, rings, necklaces and decorative marble, small and large pieces, directly from the personal marble workshop of Christos and Panagiotis in Santorini. A new series of marble art that provoke and promise to establish a new aesthetic level.”
A marble workshop does not look like any other. The unique nature of marble, the uniqueness of every marble construction, the patience and the detail with which it is sculpted, create a special atmosphere of primordial beauty.

In a modern privately-owned workshop in Santorini, the Galeos marble jewels are made by depicting their own personal story. Traditional marble techniques meet today's equipment to narrate the story of a one-time marble-cut jewel.

The marble art has been flowing in the blood of the Galeos family for nearly half a century. It was impossible for this not to be transferred to the two brothers to evolve even further. Panayiotis Galaios takes the big decision and joins the High School of Fine Arts of Tinos to study Marble Sculpture, where he graduates with three praises within three years. At the same moment, Christos studies styling & fashion design exploring his passion for high aesthetic.
The perfect combination: the love for creation with marble along with the artistic view was done! Nothing could do it better in this case than marble, a very promising material inextricably linked to Greek architectonic style, but also unusual, almost prohibitive in jewellery making because of his natural rigidity. However here we have a challenge! This challenge enables every day the inspiration behind the Galeos marble jewellery.

Carving the relationship with time

The willing for diversity, personal styleand inner harmony could only be depicted with an unconventional material: marble. Marble jewels are so special that even those created by the same plate are entirely different. Unique pieces of natural beauty carved with great craftsmanship to honour timeless style.
The curiosity to explore the inaccessible charm of marble jewels, utilizing one of the most authentic Greek minerals, is a constant source of inspiration. With marble carved in minimal piecesbased on geometrical lines, each marble jewel reflects harmony, uniqueness and a sense of perfection that is not repeated but only captured once in time. A real process that embodies the most intense feelings on tangible objects, creating unique handmade jewels with personality
Starting from the art of sculpture to contemporary marble craftsmanship, handmade marble jewellery confirms the aristocratic origin of this material. Although by its nature difficult to work with it, marble can be cut, designed and placed in handmade jewellery with a traditional bundle combined with colours or anyother valuable metal it can take. Patiently, the handmade creation of marble jewellery follows and respects the unique features of this material from the initial design to the final construction.