Designed by the fire in our souls, Marble Art Galeos uses authentic pieces of marble, sourced all over Greece, and carved with delicate techniques.
One-of-a-kind pieces, able to satisfy even the most eclectic taste, with a focus on style and attention to detail. Redefining the way you wear jewelry, one piece at a time.


In pursuit of perfection, envisioning a place where you can find unique marble jewelry, from everyday jewelry to pieces for a special occasion, we wish your overall experience on Marble Art Galeos to evoke inspiration and delight. Our timeless, hand crafted marble jewelry are made to last. Limited edition collections that incorporate the latest trends.

A typical day in our workshop is not about the labor but about our vision.

Applying cutting edgetechniques and using high quality materials, we take pride in providing unprecedented and original jewelry collections.

A return to basics, our collections are inspired from the four elements. Earth, wind, fire and water, while encountering the ceaseless passing of time. Ephemeral and eternal, their antithesis creates a new driving force that guides us into the future.