Marble Jewellery and Decoration

Handmade jewelry and decoration items from marble in unique pieces. Made in Santorini hearty inspired by the unlimited light of Greece. Shop your perfect match and enjoy it coming in a luxurious marble box specially designed to take care of your personal treasure. Either it is a marble jewel or made of Santorini's Volcano lava, every piece of our collection remains a masterpiece carved only for its owner.
Original marble creations for interior and exterior design. Decorative marble pieces influenced by the classic architectural tradition of ancient Greece that perfectly fit for every interior and exterior home design.
Handmade designs from Santorini

Marble pieces exceptionally carved in detail either in marble jewels or decorative ideas

Following geometrical lines and minimal look, we shape perfection into marble art. Original, yet fashionable jewels one-time carved with fine craftsmanship influenced by the timeless majesty of greek marble.
Marble is a rigid material with a special composition and high complexity that makes it difficult to work with it and almost impossible to transform it into jewellery pieces. But exactly this is his great charm that intrigues imagination and motivates the inspiration of a creator’s mind. The sensitivity of the material and the peculiarity with which it demands to be treated transform every marble artwork into a personal jewel that conquers its own place in the timeless style.